Monday, 28 September 2009

Alison and Derek

Derek was soft spoken and seemed almost shy when I first met him, but that all changed as the day went on when he ran out of the bus in his boxers for a few unexpected and impromptu shots with the bride!! In his defense, it was HOT. Extremely, shirt soaking, shoulder burning, heat stroke causingly hot! I guess he had decided to take off his pants when the guys took a break on the bus to cool off, and they urged him on to freak out Alison and take some shots with her! Well, I didn't stand down, but instead continued to document, and the hilarious frames you see below resulted.

They both were just wonderful to work with - very fun group. It felt more like hanging out with family and friends than work! We got some other, more fully dressed shots that were beautiful too :) So I'll attach a few of those.

Such a cute photo of the kids dancing! I photographed Lucas as a baby, I can't belive he's already that big! Turning into a little ladies man already it seems.

Thank you Alison and Derek, can't wait to get your album printed so you can see the finished prodcut!

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