Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jennavieve is getting so big!

Here she is at 7 months. She's actually 8mo now, so I'm a little slow on the draw.

She started saying "HI DADA" Shortly before these photos. Heather came in one morning with her, as I was waking up and was telling Jennavieve, "say hi da da", and sure enough to her own surprise she started making the sound.

Once she realized she had this super power she couldn't get enough and started saying, "hi da dada da da da dadaaaaa. Hi DADADADA! HIII DADADAD DADADADAA DADA ADAADADA!" You get the idea :)

She now definitly knjows what she is saying and says it when I come in the room a lot of times. And now she's started to say Mama, but she's still working on it. Needless to say, I think DaDa is simply an easier sound to make :)

She's doing great, about 8 teeth in now. Had a little bit of a cold last week, hit 104.3 for a moment which was scary, but is fine now and usually pretty happy!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

OH! PS, the photos that were taken of all 3 of us were taken by my sister Melissa. I had everything set up and she was nice enough to get a few of us together. And then Heather and Melissa took some of me and Jennavieve. Madalynn is not in them since she was at school at the time of the session, but that's what I will be posting next is a few of the 2 girls together!

Molly and Jason - The Conservatory in St. Charles

Hey everyone, It's been far too long once again. But I wanted to post a quick one just to be sure I show off Molly and Jason's day. It was COLD once again. Not as much so as Jan 2nd, but nonetheless we got some wonderful images.

I pride myself on getting unique images every wedding. So while my style may be signature, most of the images are pretty unique day to day.

I loved the red wall we found. And the shot with the flag is cool, since they are BOTH military! They even brought me some MREs (Meal Ready to Eat)... see photo :) My daughter Madalynn is pretty excited about trying them, though we still haven't. Maybe we'll do that tonight! :)

I love the shots of Dad seeing his little girl as a bride for the first time. They aren't artistically the most amazing but they sure capture the mood. This is one event of a wedding that never gets old to see. I can only think of Madalynn and Jennavieve when I witness it.

And the shot that we traveled ALL the way downtown for. They wanted to get a few shots there since they have a family brick down there (and as you can read on the brick, Cardinals baseball IS a Dieckhaus family tradition!! :), so I did the abstract of the rings/feet/brick you see below. Came out pretty cool!

Thank you both again for a great day of shooting and being more like friends. This seems to ring true for most of my couples!