Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kara and Lucky - February 20th 2010 at Andre's West

What a beautiful February day! It was the first breakout warm day we had all winter it seems and happened to fall on Kara and Lucky's day. Lucky indeed! Sorry Lucky, I couldn't resist.

Absolutely CUTE couple - just loved to have fun and in love with each other. I particularly liked Lucky's celebratory gesture after the first kiss in the church... but actually, now that I think about it, I think I remember him sneaking in about TWO other kisses prior to the "official kiss" ha!

It worked out for me to ride on the bus with the party on this one, which often can be a lot of fun. Figured I'd go in and get a shot of them in Deirberg's making the beer run :)

And when whe FINALLLY, KARA!!! (just kidding) got downtown and to Forest Park to get some shots in, we got some beautiful stuff.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot to add my favorite shot of the day. Ok, not really favorite, but it is funny. Grandma with her InBev Bud Select :)

Hope you enjoy!

thanks again to both of you for having me at your wedding celebration!