Sunday, 27 June 2010

Amanda and Ian - Khorassan Ballroom - Chase Park Plaza

Hey guys - I just updated my main Website with Amanda and Ian's. There's a dozen or so here and about 30+ if you want to see more.

Beautiful day - I love the room - I added the names to the Marquee, as the Chase did not do this for them and Amanda was bummed. She was excited to see that I had added it for them! :) Looks real enough you probably weren't sure if I got the ladder out :) But no, I did it in PS (photoshop) later.

Guys, thank you for a great day! Awww, I forgot a close up of Ian - it struck me that his celebrity doppledinger is John Travolta! :) At least a little bit.

Flowers by Frankie at Festive Atmosphere's. He does beautiful work, ALWAYS!

You gotta give props to Mike (Amanda's Dad) for bringing "props" to use in his speech! And LOOK at those notes baby! It was actually surprisingly quick, consider I wasn't sure if he had a transcript of the last health bill in his hands, ha!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll shut up, and here's 18,000 more words for you!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Katie and Tom at Busch Stadium

So, I'm going to try to post more often with less composistion and more photos. After all, I'm no author (or should I say, I ain't no author), and the photos speak for themselves after all.

Especially a session like this. Very fun, exciting session - I'm not sure what it costs to reserve it for an hour, but it's a pretty cool thing.

Tom has some good ups too, as you can see by his against the wall catch!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Weddings Are HARD Work!!!

Well, there is no denying it. 11hrs on your feet 95% of the time. Rarely getting a chance to eat drink or use the restroom.

Carrying around a 20lb bag on your shoulder all day as your toes and heels dig into the ground till it feels like your feet had been pounded with a hammer. Eyes strained, from squeezing your sight through a keyhole; mind exhausted from organizing shots and running around non-stop, trying to be creative.

I just got back from Amanda and Ian's wedding tonight, and one of the guests took a portrait of me to show the physical and mental exhaustion to be displayed for all. See below. But know that it is an emotionally moving photo.

(tounge in cheek).

It has become a tradition that I take a shot with all the girls that I've done the weddings for and have gotten to know at these weddings. It truly is a lot of hard work, but it's the people and fun times that make it worth it.

I'll have many great shots of Amanda and Ian posted soon. Thank you Gail, Mike, Ben, Emily, Amanda, Ian, Dannielle, the list goes on and on. I really enjoy working with your family and friends and even though this is the last of the kids to get married, hopefully I get to work with your family/friends again soon.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Random "Trek" Leads Me to Groom :)

Just a quick personal post. I don't know about you, but I love this time of year for biking. I like to sweat through it and burn some fat.
I of course love the spring and fall too. Treking down the Katy Trail about 10 or 12 miles to August, with the leaves changing. Stopping to grab a brew and food, just enough to offset the calories you burned, ha!

Anyway, I happened to be out, looking to get Heather's Bike tuned up, and possibly get her a new bike. I've always loved Trek Bikes, and while in the store, I spoke to a guy in back, George, who was very helpful. . I thought he looked familiar, but just from being in the store last year.
I continued to talk to Pete in the repair area, who was also extremely nice. I came back to the front to ask George one more question, and then he said I also looked familiar. "Are you a photographer?" He asked, and when I informed him I was he replied "You're shooting my wedding!" Sure enough! Then it hit me as well. George and Nicole in October of 2010. Small world!

Everyone looks different when you meet them once in a different environment. Thought I felt bad that I didn't recognize him from the start I told him "well, I'm your only photographer this year, and I DO have 30 wedding couples this year, and you didn't recognize me either :)"

Anway - we continued on with the Bike talk and he continued to give me all the info I needed. So if you are in the market swing down to Trek Bike's on Manchester in West County. Here's a map . Heather had a cheaper Schwin that we had gotten from whatever store, and I spent hours trying to get the gearing to go smoothly, and for another $100, I could have gotten a Trek bike of better quality and a lot better service. It would have been shifting correctly out of the gate, and if I had issues, they take care of you for 3 years.

Even if you have another bike, they do a maintainence deal for $60 where they calibrate the gearing, and brakes etc. For the time I spent trying to get it to operate perfectly, I spent 3 times that in time. and still didn't get it as good as they probably could have.

Tell George I sent ya! :)