Monday, 25 January 2010

Randy and Jessica Shrine of St Joe's, and Crowne Plaza Clayton

January 2nd 2009 Jumpin ahead here, but I'll go back.

In love and commited. That is how I would describe Randy and Jessica. They are so happy together, and were both such a part of the planning and designing of the day that it was obvious through the details. The beautiful ceremony location you see is the The Shrine of St Joe's. Their concern for their guests enjoyment of the wedding was obvious, and they consideration for that showed up in the details as well, even in the cake that had EVERY wedding guests name written in icing on it!

Cold! That was another word that comes to mind. My hands were sooo frozen after our first 10 minutes or so out of the bus they hurt. I ended up borrowing Randy's gloves. I usually don't shoot with them as it's hard to change the setting on the camera but i had to. It won't show up in the images though, as they both were such troopers they got out there and got some beautiful shots with me.

I want to send a quick thank you to Gail Mohrmann (and the whole Mohrmann family, whom I've photographed most of :), who referred Randy and Jessica to me, and was a big help for the couple in planning the day. As well as some other familiar faces that day, whom you see in the photo with me, ha! The photobooth studio was courtesy Darby at Laughing Penguins/. The party was at Crowne Plaza in Clayton Crowne Plaza in Clayton

Randy and Jessica have both already personally called and thanked me for the job I did, and I cannot do their words justice in terms of their flattery. But I wanted to get this post up to you to be sure and thank you for having me be there and letting me know how appreciative you are of my work. Thank YOU both! ~ Tim

and - of course - images...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lyndsay and Kevin at the Shrine of St Joeseph and the Crystal Ballroom Renaissance Grand

November 14th 2009

I'm working on getting back to current here. I've had several people ask me when I was going to update my blog again, so I'm going to work hard to show you what i've been up to.

Lyndsay and Kevin were all smiles all day long. From what I gathered, their engagement had been long overdue, so I guess they had something to smile about! We got some beautiful shots thorughout the day, as you can see below, but I think their favorite part of the day may have been the reception.

Lyndsay's brother, Michael, did a STIRRING rendition of Journey's song, "Don't Stop Believin", made famous again by the Sopranos final episode. And the Ohio State Snoopy song wasn't bad either.

I loved how Lyndsay went from her elegant curls in her veil, to a cute side ponytail for the reception. And Kevin's Dad, Bill, I want to personally thank for coming up to be and so sincerely telling me how wonderful of a job I was doing.

The flowers were done by Keith, at Botanicals Designs The colors were perfect for the outdoor foliage that day.

Crysatl Ballroom Renaissance Grand St Louis

Enjoy the visuals! ...