Thursday, 3 September 2009

St Louis Bride Real Wedding - by Artisan Photography

Pretty early on in my posting and there's already a new published article to show. This was featured in St Louis Bride in the spring 09 issue (currently on sale or at vendors who advertise with them). These are selected by the magazine to feature. I actually have never advertised with them, but have been featured in STLBride 6-10 times. It's a great magazine to be a part of, and if I do decide to do a print ad, they would be my first choice in magazines.

Liz and Pat had their wedding at the new venue, Lumen. Very cool place. You can read the article if you click on the image to view the larger version.

If you wish to have your wedding featured in STLBride, just contact them and tell them why your day is unique. If you get selected I'll be happy to submit my photos to them for use.

Thanks Liz and Pat for letting me know it was published!

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