Friday, 6 November 2009


I have had a quite a few people asking to see photos of our new girl Jennavieve. Yes, we spell our Daughter's names weird. Madalynn, and Jennavieve. there's a reason for the J though... my dad's initial Rebecca is her middle name, my sister's name, and the JR are my grandpas first initials and Heather's grandpa's first initials etc etc.

So anyway, there it is. Plus we liked the flexibility of Jenna.

She is a crazy little thing! Gets excited and just starts talking/screaming. letting out these grunts that sound a little like a baby lion's first attempts are roars. Jumps like mad in her little jumper thing, and is just a fun little thing to watch. Already 4 months. She was born June 20th this year.

Here's the most recent photos, taken around 4 months old. Notice I'm not in them! :) Someone's gotta take them. Actually, my colleage and friend Steve Seebeck took a few of us all when she was newborn. I guess he owed me a little though, after I did fly down to mexico to photograph his wedding in 07!! Just kidding Steve, if you're reading this, but seriously thank you

without further ado, here you go -

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Melinda said...

It's about time! She is too stinking cute. It's not like you are busy or anything.