Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Gretchyn and Sam, Assumption Greek Orthadox Church, St. Louis, MO and Triple A Golf Club, Forest Park

AHHHHHHHHHH! It has been busy. And I chose now to rip open my computers and build new machines and update, etc and so on! I'm not too smart sometimes. Why didn't I wait till January??

Anyway, I ever did get a chance to put up a post about Gretchyn and Sam's day. It was the first time I photographed at Assumption Greek Orthadox. I've been there for the Greek food before though! I love me some Baklava, Gyros, and just about everything at those feasts.

The Church is BEAUTIFUL. It is so intricate, I thought it would be busy, but it rendered so well in images, I was impressed.

The shot of the dress, I really worked for. It's not just a simple find a spot in the room and shoot. The Hilton Frontenac is a beautiful hotel, so I went out of my way to create a still life incorporating details of the location.

Sam, I KNOW you're probably upset that I didn't post one of you actually WEARING the crown, durning the ceremony. Sorry about that :) I loved sharing the day with them. They seemed to really balance each other. Sam was a constant joker, and Gretchyn was always trying to keep him in line, ha! We had a beautiful day, and got some beautiful images.

As always here's a few favs. Wish I could post more, but it would just get to be too much.

Thank you, to Megan and Mike, for sending another fun couple my way!

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