Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rhode Island - Lauren and Mike

Well, it has been a LONG while since I've been able to post. It's been a busy year for Heather, Madalynn, Jennavieve and myself. But I would love to be showing more, so here goes.

Lauren and Mike's wedding was beautiful - in a secluded little spot at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. I photographed Mike's sister's wedding, in the West Hamptons, a couple of years ago. They loved my work so much their family called me back a second time.

I really wanted to capture the feel of the natural/woodsy environment. It had an feel that transcended time. Whispering Pines is a part of the University of Rhode Island, and was where President Eisenhower would come to hunt. The King of Nepal was once a guest there as well. I shot with a lot of wide open primes to create a more vintage look and treated many of them with post processing that extended that mood as well.

Everyone from their family has been giving me glowing compliments. I hope you enjoy them too. Here's a few. But if you want to see their whole slideshow, visit

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