Friday, 23 July 2010

Josh and Chrissy - Santa Barbara, California

Hey everyone - Just got back on Thursday from Santa Barbara, CA. BEAUTIFUL! A lady on the plane ride home said how horrible and hot the weather was (I guess she was saying how it was cloudy in the morning and got up to a BLISTERING 82/83 for an hour or 2 in the afternoon). I just had to laugh to myself.

So chilly at night jeans and a sweatshirt and you'd still be shivering while hanging out outside. gorgeous blue skies.

Josh and Chrissy had their ceremony outside on the beach. Great looking couple and fun to work with to boot. Josh is insane and hilarious. Very emotive and you can see in the photos! Chrissy was just beautiful. I know she was a bit worried about getting in the sand before the ceremony, but she did and we got some great shots.

Josh works in LA as a sound engineer for the Crystal Method. Definitly fits his charecter. Ken and Scott (The Crystal Method) were at the wedding - very nice and I was surprised at how normal, ha! I don't know - I guess with the style of music they play I expected something off the wall.

This is a quick raw preview. I'll maybe post more later if I can. Here's a couple landscapes I took while there as well. Some at the peir in Santa Barbara, and I also drove up to Montana De Oro state park, but got kinda skunked after a 2.5hr drive. Clouds moved in and I only had a few moments to work with, but I did get this dramatic shot. Not sure how big that island is, but it seemed HUGE. Honestly, the photos can't describe how breathtaking it was from they view up there. The ocean was SO far away from the vista I was at, but STILL is so huge. As the clouds rolled in, I felt so small and that the power of nature could consume me with less than a whisk of it's finger. I could not imagine being out at sea for an extended period of time with nothing but water around.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the shots

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GreenWave said...

SO beautiful -I should know, we were there :)

We love you guys!!!!

Janine (& Ken)