Thursday, 22 October 2009

South Carolina Wedding with Mindy and Dustin

So Minday and Dustin loved my work enough to fly me down to Hilton Head, S.C. to photography their beautiful wedding. Thank you Liz and Alan for spreading the good word of my photography to them.

It was a great time. Heather, Madalynn, Jennavieve (our new 4 month old baby) and I all went down. Along with my mother in law! Not as bad as it sounds :) she's actually really cool, and helped out with Jennavieve so Heather and I could have some time together too.

The day was beautiful! Can't say enough about them, how hospitable and cute they are! We got some stunning shots. the day got cloudy, and then RIGHT at their ceremony, the sun busted through for these spectaculor colors you see. It does take a good photographer to know how to react right as the light is changing and be able to capture it with the mood that was there. And a litlte photoshop to help me show it the way I saw it.

The golf shot... Sorry Dustin! :) Had to through that in there. As you see, his 2 groomsmen swinging, as their balls are taking off, meanwhile, poor Dustins' trickled off. I quick hit the ground to get the shot you see, and his best man, tauntingly, gets down low to "check out" his shot. In all fairness I think I made him nervous sitting there with a camera.

Here's some shots from their day. I'll save part 2 for our adventures while we were down there!

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