Thursday, 7 July 2011

Whew! It has been a busy spring!

Seems like every time I sit down to write a blog entry I remember something else that needs to be done!  I didn't want to let it go much longer, though so here's a short recap to let you know what we have been up to. 

If you haven't heard, we have lots of new and exciting props and products we are offering!  I blogged about our new "antique" wooden floor prop - it's been getting A LOT of attention- seems everyone likes it as much as we do!  It's great for baby sessions - set a wooden bowl on it, fluff a soft cozy blanket inside and baby gets to relax comfortably while getting his/her picture taken.  These make great sepia toned images as well as natural color - the skin tones contrasts beautifully with the brown tones.  Here are a few examples of our favorites:

Recently, I had asked Melissa and Heather to come up with some ideas for session props and while the collection keeps growing (they are shop-a-holics!) some of our new props include adorable baby cocoons, hammocks and slings for newborns, knit caps, angel wings, baskets, and fabric backgrounds.  We are working on getting more cute hats and clothing props for older kids.  Melissa and Heather have some great ideas and are thoroughly enjoying the task of giving the studio a more "womanly" touch!

One of our new favorite products is Metal Prints - I have to admit these are REALLY neat!  You can have your image printed on brushed aluminum in either matte or glossy finish. We offer them in all our standard print sizes from 4x6 to 24x30, as well as circles, squares and decorative shapes.  We used circle metals to create a wall display in our studio:

The standard metal prints come mounted and ready to hang.  They stand about 1" off the wall.  Specialty shapes come as is, or you can have holes drilled and a ribbon laced through to hang it on the wall or use it as an ornament or gift decoration.  To get the full effect of how cool they are, you really need to see them in person - the pictures just don't do them justice!

We will be having a new promotion starting in late July or August.  To be one of the first to know, sign up for our newsletter using the form below.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far and I look forward to sharing more exciting studio news with you in the coming weeks. 

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