Friday, 15 April 2011

New Hardwood Floor Photo Prop!

Being inspired by his friend and colleague, Steve Seebeck’s hardwood floor prop, Tim decided he needed one of these gorgeous floors for the Artisan studio. 

You can buy these floors specifically made for photography, but seeing as Tim is an artist in many regards, he couldn’t help but build his own! Growing up having a father gifted in carpentry as well as fine arts obviously rubbed off on Tim – the floor looks fantastic and it’s not even finished yet! While he had fun constructing his new prop, it was a lot of hard work – he spent hours cutting, scoring, scraping, adding raised pieces and sanding it down again to give the floor character and it’s one of kind antique feel.

Of course, I thought it was only appropriate that I sneak out to snap a few surprise pictures of the craftsman hard at work!


The floor is almost finished and when it is, Tim is going to be giving away a few sample sessions – if you would like to be one of the lucky few to receive a free sample session on the new hardwood floor prop, give us a call. We will only be doing 2-3 sample sessions, so don’t wait!


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