Sunday, 2 May 2010

Artisan Photography Featured in a Book!

Well, I always have plenty of stuff to blog about, but it's rare that I get a chance to do it - but I wanted to send this off before I forgot.

I got a call a few weeks ago from the publisher of a book letting me know I was being featured in it. It's a planning book, written by 2 sisters here in St. Louis, with a friend to friend type of referall system. It's not paid advertisments, but instead it's just them doing a lot of digging around on finding good vendors, by interviewing friends and family and networks.

Much in the same way you would pick your own vendors (by asking friends and then checking them out yourself) this is how they have written it. SO! If you DON'T have a personal referall for part of your wedding, this book can be your "buddy".

I have some of the books in stock if you want to grab one. they sell for $15.99 if you buy it at Borders, etc, but if you get it from me I have them for $12.

I LOVE the illustration on the cover! They hired a well known commercial artist from New York to create it for them after having seen some work they liked.

I'm often featured in Magazine's but I think this is one of the few books I've been in.

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