Monday, 26 April 2010

Christine and Paul - April 24th 2010 - Top of the Met - Shrine of St Joe's

While the weather did not cooperate with us this past saturday, Chris and Paul were a complete joy to work with! We got some beautiful shots anyway (IN YOUR FACE WEATHER! :) and they and their families had a great time.

Chris gave Paul a super cool gift! A new dog - A Sheltie I belive - named either Conner or Murphy whichever they decide first. She gave him the dog collar with the naem and a breeder picked out.

Exclusive Events did a great Job with decorating the Top of the Met. AND - thank you, thank you, thank you guys for going with the set up I've always suggested to people - and had the dancefloor at one end. It made for a much smoother flow to the reception

Elisabeth and Josie at Cosmo Events did the planning and organization, and did a wonderful job as usual. the cake and flowers were stunning. Which I'm sure Josie can give you the info on who did those.

The whole family and wedding party were great to work with. Michael - glad those saltines and gatorade hit the spot! But I have to say, Grandma Lucy was just adorable.

Oh, and I SWEAR! I'm going to start posting more often :) Been a busy winter

now some pics ....

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